Thursday, August 02, 2012

What's going on?

Hi there!

There is so much going on in my life that I felt the need to catch you up to date...

1-Booking for a local venue called Ruta Maya. Funny..I was doing stand in work for Machete Kills and met the owners of Ruta while waiting. Now I'm booking for Ruta Maya and finally getting paid for some hard but enjoyable work. :)

2- New Film. I'll be shooting Balance Beam in Oct..all my weekends are booked and I have a lead role. VERY excited.

3-ACL Festival. We will be doing press again and I'm working to book bands/interviews for this 3 days event in Oct.

4-Landmark Forum...I'll be taking their 4 day workshop in Sept. I've had many many friends tell me wonderful things about this workshop...I'm excited to expand my horizons.

5-Dia De Los Toadies Festival- We are working press for this and will finally get a Toadies song on BTV:) YAY..I can stop harassing my friend V. I'm super excited because a) The Toadies fucking rock live and b) HELMET is playing with them. Moshlove!

6- Leaders in Music. A dear friend who works for the City of Austin hand picked me to be a part of this new city program. We will help the Austin music legacy and it's possibly one of the biggest honors of my life. Color me excited!

7-A fitness magazine choose me to represent Austin. I'll be doing an interview and it should be on stands in Jan 2013. Say what?

8-SXSW..Already working on this. Might be working on 3 separate music showcases. I'm nuts!

9-Product reviews. I've had a ton of lovely companies ask me to do product reviews and I'm happy to do it. I'd LOVE to do some reviews for fun fitness products..hint hint.

10- New Trainer. Luke Leaman a trainer from the Charles Poliquin method has been working with me for 3 months. I've put on  muscle and my BF % has dropped from 22% to about 18%. Goal is 14/15% by my birthday in Nov. Totally feasible.

The Universe does give you what you ask for BUT one must be READY for it. I've had a FLOOD of opportunities coming my way. With this has come horribe sleep, high stress and anxiety. Still...I'll find a way to balance...hopefully.



Brit-Man said...

I'll be in touch.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).


BH said...

Sounds like things are going so well for you babe. I couldn't be happier for you! You might also want to check out the Hoffman Process. I haven't done Landmark, but the Hoffman Process changed my life. xx