Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Taste the Nirvana

A month ago, Taste Nirvana Coconut water contacted me about doing a review of their coconut water varieties. I'll be honest..I was like" Just another coconut water, right?" WRONG. These products are harvested from true Thai young coconuts and you can taste a difference right away. Their taste is superior to other coconut waters out there, in my humble opinion. Nothing beats the sweet nectar from a fresh young coconut..but these come pretty damn close.

As promised, my shipment was received in a matter of days. Each beautiful glass bottle was individually bubble wrapped for protection against breakage. I immediately threw them all into the fridge to chill for 24 hours. I didn't want to wait 24 WHOLE hours but managed to restrain myself. Hey..I LOVE coconut water.

Here are the variations they sent to me:

This was the first and by FAR favorite. Straight up Coconut water. I popped the top and it took a whiff, it smelled so clean and fresh. Then my first sip....Holy Moly, SO yummy. I confess that I drank the whole bottle in like 1 minute. I.could.not.stop. I've tried just about every brand and this blew me away. The calories range from 50 per bottle for Plain to about 75 calories for versions with Aloe or Pulp. Coconut water is FANTASTIC for hydrating in these hot months especially if you're an athlete.

I reluctantly shared the other bottle with my Co-worker Jo Anne, whom had NEVER had coconut water. Her thoughts:

YUM! She drank it all and wanted more. Sold American!

Next up was Coconut water with PULP. Whoa! Coconut Pulp??Seriously? Yep. It still have that beautiful yummy flavor but with bits of coconut floating around. So you DO have to be a bit careful and "chew your drink". I'm not sure if I liked having coconut bits floating around and having to be so mindful when swallowing. It was...different.

I shared this variety with another friend who enjoyed the flavor but wasn't sold on the coconut bits.

Last but not least was Coconut water with ALOE. Why Aloe? Well Aloe provides some very interesting benefits like; It's packed with extra fiber, aids in digestion, helps promote weight loss(maybe),Reduces blood sugar and boosts our immune system.

The taste? AWESOME! In my mind THIS is what the coconut water with pulp should have tasted like. It had these soft pillow-like bits of aloe that added a touch of volume but easy to swallow. My issue with the coconut pulp was that the bits were hard and got caught in my throat. No cool! I'll probably stick to the plain Coconut Water and Coconut Water with Aloe

Many thanks to Brandy at Taste Nirvana for sending me samples to try and share with friends. My overall opinion is that Taste Nirvana IS one of the best tasting coconut waters I've ever had. The flavor is fresh and crisp. I liked that they were testing out new approaches on plain ole coconut water but the texture might be an issue for some.

The company carries other products as well so expect to see another review soon!

Stay hydrated!


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Brit-Man said...

The first paragraph of your post looks like a cut and past marketing blurb off a companies website :-P.

Nothing negative meant by that :-). I am thinking now that some people reading that, might be expecting a bit in the middle, where you write, "now here comes the science part", like some sort of cheesy Jennifer Aniston style shampoo advert.

Good to know you're doing fine.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).