Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Show Biz...

Yesterday was anything but glam. Filming a scene for a certain movie all day in 106 degrees.

Good points:

-Sexy director
-Working with a well known actor I respect
-A/C on occasion
-Connecting with the owners of Ruta Maya beforehand
-Getting extra $

Bad Points:

-As a "Stand -In",  you're basically a second class citizen.
-106 DEGREES??!!!
-No food
-NOT enough money for that heat
-The knowledge that YOU could have done a better acting job than the person you stood in for.

No lie there.

I want a speaking role in one of this director's films. I'll get one too!

The heat left me sick as a dog last night. 2 hours sleep max....Ugh.

I also had to bail on Lolla. It's just too expensive and BTV doesn't pay me to travel. I'll just make sure to do a damn fine job of covering ACL and other festivals. You can't do it all- but I try.

I still have 3 music festivals, 2 films, and band to book and a music studio to do online press for.




Brit-Man said...

I'm sure things will work out.

Best wishes.

:-) :-).


northerntransmissions said...

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northerntransmissions said...

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