Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Like OMG she IS capable of blogging about something other than feelings. ;)

I'm going to do a little experiment for 30 days. My fab friend Amy is a distributor for this nifty health product called AIO.

Read more here; Amy is happy to answer any questions you may have.

I know a few people who take this product and have had great results in digestion and inflammation reduction. My stomach has been in knots for weeks since that is where I hold stress. Hoping for some good results. It's chock full of antioxidants, vitamins and other goodies. It even has MELATONIN in it so it helps you sleep. Um hello? Sleep?!

Anyway..I'll post feedback as I go:)



Ariel said...

You should try 365 days of grace! I LOVED how I felt when I was doing that.
I don't share them very often anymore, but I do them quite a lot, just for my own benefit:)

Brit-Man said...

I'm not sure why they're not listing the Caffeine content, as Caffeine should be in Green Tea.

I understand why you write and how you emote and you should be very proud of what you write.

You have a beautiful way of expression, so don't stop doing that. It's what you enjoy and it's part of your life.

Keep smiling and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Amy said...


Is perception reality? With all due respect..I'm not a Tea Sommelier (wow did I actually spell that right :) It's almost impossible to identify how much caffeine is in even a cup of any kind of tea as a consumer. Of course green tea isn't as high in caffeine as other teas. Also, a small amount of caffeine is actually very good for us according to Dr. Wiel, Dr. Rothenberg, and many many other health care experts, and studies! Now anyone can craft the outcome of a study but none of these folks are in the tea business. They are, in the business of keeping people healthy, and use concepts that mirror nature, and even in line at points with our Archaeologic record. (I'm a big fan of Loren Cordain, and the Paleo Diet).

Now, I'm not saying that everyone should go out and drink lots of caffeine, and I'm not saying that this excuses the manufacturer from not putting this on the label. By the way the company is not breaking any law in doing this. But, let's look at the moral implications after we seek to understand the manufacturing process of this product.

The green tea is not a first infusion and the first infusion is lengthy, which typically eliminates at least 65% of the caffeine in the leaf. There is also only 20mg of Green Tea (with a (+) or (-) 2 error rate) in a 1 oz. serving. They are also GMP compliant.

So, lets put that into perspective; that's LESS than 1/4 a TEASPOON of Green Tea! So, what would be the trace amount?

Certainly, there are things on the planet that occur naturally that even a very small trace amount would kill you. Have you ever heard of anyone dying from a trace amount or even a moderate amount of caffeine?

We do see the long-term effects of LARGE doses of caffeine, especially when combined with large amounts of sugar. This combination could very well be responsible for many chronic diseases.

As a consumer, I could always use high performance liquid
chromatography to find out how much if any caffeine is in it all. I don't have access to that technology, but quite a few Compounding Pharmacies in the area do. They have awesome reputations like People's, Victory Medical Center Pharmacy, and Talon Pharmacy that use technology everyday to identify how much of what is in something, and they CARRY this product.

Let's put this into perspective, we are on a global platform here. Processed foods, soft drinks (not sure what's soft about it), toxins in our food and water supplies, obesity that's an epidemic (are you kidding me?) We do not have a shortage of drugs or chemicals. The United States spends far more money per capita than many other countries on health care, yet we have obesity epidemics?

Or such a trace amount of caffeine in something that is actually good for you according to trusted, respected people working in the health care field (not sick care), or putting .0000001 mg of caffeine.

I always seek to understand, read a lot and research, research, research! Keep an open mind, you never know what you could miss....

Amy said...
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Amy said...

or putting .000001 mg of caffeine on the label?