Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Trying Folks

Everyday trying to move forward and not look back at my recent wreckage. It was hard when I would see my ex every Friday for BTV. Harder still when he would tell me to my face that he "Loved Me" and "Needed me in his life" but was messed up. I would tell myself not to text or call....but would fail because ultimately I wasn't over it. I was still hoping for...something.

Well he is over it, as he is dating another person,

So there ya go. The band aid just got ripped off.

I know BTV is a good opportunity but it's emotionally draining for yours truly. Every Friday is Groundhog Day. It's NOT worth my sanity.

Saturday was spent working on the Documentary, Trying on wedding dresses for the upcoming show and hanging with a new friend. she invited me to a polo match out in BFE. It was at a Vineyard and we decided that drinking/chatting about men and life was WAY better than a boring polo match:)

Bad sleep this weekend but I should be on the mend soon. I have an acting endeavor Wed and shooting a video for this Fri. Positive stuff to focus on.

Thanks for all the compliments of the doc footage below. It's a work in progress and might not make sense yet will.



Brit-Man said...

Well visa vie your response to my previous comment, why not just have the haircut instead of wearing the wig?

Anyway, GOOD LUCK with everything you are doing right now. I am 10,000% behind you and I wish you all the best.

:-) :-).


Lyssa said...

Yay I'm glad you're working with, we're lucky to have you!!

Osbasso said...

Boy, I can't understand why you've had such lousy luck with guys. Makes no sense to me whatsoever...

So are you still going to be working with BTV?

Barbara said...

Matt-..i'm not ready to commit to short hair;0

Lyssa, Serious thanks for this fun opportunity:)

Os..Ha! Who knows?Just shitty luck i suppose. Someday it will happen.