Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh Lovely Day:)

The thunderstorm last night brought us a beautiful, clear and bright. How could I possibly stay inside? Um nope!

I met the tribe at Austin High to do the workout i created called "BABS". I wondered if 1 round would was more than enough! Today we had Bonita, Malika, Bernie and John. Great group of people!


800 M Run(2 laps on track)

30 KB Swings 35lb

20 Push-ups

50 Squats

20 Pull -ups

20 Dips

50 Squats

30 KB Swings

800 M Run

Time 19:35

Oy, that last 800 HURT like an SOB. Poor leggins.

So I had blood pulled to check thyroid and Cholesterol. I was very curious about the cholesterol since I have been 90% Paleo for 5 months now. Thyoid is back to normal :) and **drum roll** The Cholesterol HDL( the good stuff) was 105, the highest she had seen in a long while. My Dr. was impressed. PALEO WORKS BITCHES!

Then it was time to put an hour in at work finishing some travel prep.

Georgia invited me to her best buds BBQ then I dropped by bosses concert at Central Market. Made a few band connection with a great salsa band(hot boys yo) and I'm currently enjoying some Fro-Yo with an insane amount of candy mixins. YUM!

I'll soon be in THIS mode...muhahahahaah

Tomorrow and Monday are reserved for the next part of the film I'm shooting. The footage I saw was pretty damn funny.




April said...

Awesome about the stats! As much as I love oats I really think it's doing me a world of good not eating them right now.

Beavis and Butthead rule!!

Brit-Man said...

I hate doctors referring to HDL as "good cholesterol" and LDLD as "bad Cholesterol" LDL Cholesterol is the "real" benefical one, without which humans would die, especially as it helps creat eBile ot breakdown Fats, create Vitamin D, (15 minutes or more exposure to Sunoight needed), plus it helps to create Myelin, the fatty sheath surrounding the Nervous system.

As long as LDL deosn't top 100 mg/dl then that's okay. If HDL went below 40 it can be bad as well. I assume as unusable or damaged Cholesterol, would not be able to be sent back to the Liver as effectively as needs be.

In all fairness both could be described as conditionally good or bad.

Does this mean no that the Thyroid is back to normal you can get of the medications now?

I hope so :-) :-).

Goos luck and best wishes.

:-) :-).


Huh, huh, moderate levels of huh, huh, LDL Cholesterol huh, huh, huh rule huh huh huh huh huh huh.

Barbara said...

Thanks tummy felt every little bit of the chips/queso/fro yo I ate. NO MO DAIRY..IT HURTS!

Matt~ These are my stats:
211 mg/dL
Triglyceride 47 HDL, Direct [H] 105
LDL 97

Dr. said they prefer total number under 211 but were happy with the HDL. ???