Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Fun

Today was a great start to my weekend.

100 squats, some dips/back work, 4 deadhangs, spin and a sit up competition of sorts. My spin instructor's wife is a badass Pilate's instructor. She had an abs class after spin and if we could match her or beat her in reps she gave us 2 free classes for her Pilate's Reformer. I have been DYING to try those classes but they are $$$$$.

I partnered up with a cutie from spin and we knocked out over 100 overhead sit-ups with a 10lb med ball. 10lbs isn't much after all the work we do with 14-20lbs in CF. We matched her and I can't wait to try out those classes.

Pilates will tighten that core baby!


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