Thursday, September 03, 2009

Dr's Mess Up!

Dr's don't always do the right thing or make the correct call, they are human after all. Misdiagnosis can lead to an abundance of frustration and angry energy! In the winter of 2007, I noticed symptoms of possible hypothyroidism; dry skin, cold,weight gain, other fun issues. My family practitioner ran blood work and said my levels were a bit high, she suggested a low dose of Synthetic thyroid.

Well, it made sense to me and I didn't know any better. I assumed my Dr. knew best and started off with 50mg. Maybe it was the mental aspect of everything but I felt better and things seemed to slowly regulate. Well, lately I have experienceed HORRIBLE sleep, 5-6 hours and this is with Ambien, White noise and cold room. My BF composition has shifted higher even though my diet has been kept fairly clean and workouts were dialed up. I'm groggy, pissy and always freezing--in 100+ weather.

Yesterday was a meeting with my endocrinologist to figure this shit out. She sat me down and proceeded to tell me that she didn't agree with my family Dr placing me on thyroid meds. She felt my levels were in the high range of normal and that it was a bad call. My thoughts "OK, lets just get me off this shit and get on with life"...right?


You see, once you have started meds for thyroid disease it can jump start any antibodies you might have in your system. Something that might not have started for many years will effectively get an early push. Well, isn't that just slapyourass fabulous! We ran more blood work yesterday and now it's wait and see. She thinks that I might actually have gone hyperthyroid since I was on meds that my body may not have needed.

Moral of this story~

Get 2-3 opinions whenever being faced with a new medicine or diagnosis.

I'll be OK, this too will pass but it might not have been necessary.



BTExpress said...

That's a tough lesson to learn. I never listen to only my GP if she thinks it's serious. I always ask for a referral to a specialist. I get treated by the VA, so that's pretty simple. Usually they just do it on their own.

Muslfetish said...

Good grief how frustrating for you!

Barbara said...

What can I say? It's been a learning experience.....