Saturday, August 01, 2009

Awesome WO

Today we met at the new Crossfit Location, Runtex off Lake Austin. There were a ton of people there for a two free workouts, taco's, videos and giveaway. Good stuff! We broke into teams and did HELEN which was 3 Rnds of :400m run, KB swings(100,80,60) and pull-ups(50/40/30). We had teams of 3 and only one person could be working on reps at a time. Crazy fun and very tough!

I'm still in the meeting phase of Crossfit so I really didn't get to mingle much. It's a very close community of people so it will probably take a while for people to really accept me. I did get to chat with this awesome crossfitter named Bonita, very sweet and full of great info:)

Waved at Mel from a distance...and then had to jet home.

Turns out that next week will be a good week for acting. Got a call that I'm cast as an extra in Robert Rodriguez's movie "Machete" and then will shoot a corporate commercial for DELL. I went to try on my "corporate" pants only to find that they are ALL tight or won't fit. WTF? I'm still gaining weight even with all this working out AND eating clean 6 days a week with a couple cheat meals. Guess I have to cut out all fun food...which sucks! *Sigh* It's just never easy...

Well I am off to go power walk because frankly, I'm wigged out about my weight issue.



Melicious said...

Hey, pretty lady! I'm sorry we didn't get to chat... I was in my post-workout stupid phase AND I was trying to manage my cute husband Dave. Today was his first ever UTB, and I tend to abandon him at social events 'cause I'm so eager to talk to everyone. Was trying not to do that to him this a.m. -- but that meant I didn't get to visit with you. Glad you met Bonita. Your indoor workout sounds like it was tough -- congrats!

Barbara said...

No sweat girl:) We will chat at some point. Have a great weekend!