Thursday, July 02, 2009

Motivate Me!

The coolest thing in the world is helping inspire others to take control of their health/fitness. Yes, I'm mentally in a diet funk and not happy with my body BUT I still kick my ass in the gym. I have keeps me sane or closer to sane than the alternative :) ha ha

Regardless....I have friends emailing me about what I eat, how much I workout, what supplements I choose. It makes me smile that maybe, just maybe I have helped motivate someone else. If it helps them reach their own goals and happiness in the tiniest work is done. Of course, with this "motivation" comes a little pressure to be consistent. I fear letting them down as well as myself...stress much?

Who cares......

I love my friends, they truly are my family and my world:)


This morning was another 30 min of HIIT. Tomorrow will be LBWO/Abs and Spin...maybe some swim? Honestly swimming feels lovely after a good sweat:)

Got word back from the audition that although they liked me/my look I'm possibly too Caucasian. Hey, it happens but at least they let me know:) On to the next endeavor!


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Ariel said...

:) I LOVE YOU! You are beautiful!