Monday, July 13, 2009

Elements Day 1

Tonight will be my first "official" into to CF Central. I'm taking the elements with Crystal aka 9th fittest woman in the us per the CF games. Intimidated??? Who me? Fuck yes...

I more excited than nervous which is a good sign. Over the weekend I watch the CF Central team DOMINATE and basically kick ass. The team took 2nd place in the Affiliate Cup Cross Fit Games 09...not too shabby.:)

Yesterday was solid steady state cardio for 2 hours and today is rest day. The Elements are basics so even if it's a workout, it won't be on par with a typical class HARDCORE workout. A guy at my gym mentioned that he noticed changes in my body.

My shoulders are broader(due to increase in push-ups and burpees) and my thighs/quads are thicker due to squats, squats and more F'ing squats. So long skinny jeans...I can no longer wear you and that is OK. I can't wait until I can do a full fledged pull up....*drool*

One thing is sure...CrossFit will get me stronger!



Melicious said...

You're going to have a blast with Crystal! She's the best: motivating, supportive, fun... plus you get to look at her and she's so pretty!

Have a kickass time. What class are you joining?

Barbara said...

Hey Mel~

Yeah pretty much everyone there is beautiful:)

I'll be doing the 5am T/Th class...which do you do? My elements got pushed til Wed as she is still in CA. I'm sooooooo ready to do this!