Monday, June 29, 2009


Yoga is not easy! I'm not sure what I was expecting but sweating my ASS off wasn't it.

Yesterday got up and completed 90 min of power walking at a speed of 4.6 while on the highest incline the tready would go. It hurt so good:o) THEN I was to meet Peggy for yoga at 24 Hour. I anticipated a nice stretching session which I greatly needed due to massive weight workouts. Um...what I got was POWER yoga which is VERY shoulder centric.

Saturday's CF workout was heavy shoulder emphasis and NOW more shoulder work? hurt. Lots of push up positions and I was dripping sweat. Remember the last yoga session I had was hot yoga which was sweat inducing but also VERY mild in its positions. Power yoga is rather intense but the stretch was amazing! OHHHHHH I needed that stretch badly. There was the discovery that I do have good balance..yay for balance:)

This week is a 4 day work week. The workout sched is something like this:

M-off or walk
T-Weights, Abs, spin
Wed Spin and Swim or HIIT
Thurs Weights and HIIT
Fri Weights, abs, spin
Sat...CF in SA? or run stairs at the JCC
Sun Run or spin/yoga?

So when I start will I need to alter my weight workouts? I have no clue...On the job training! Friday I am going to see my massage buddy Mindi for some deep tissue action and then hang with my old hasher buddies. I love to reconnect with good friends:)

Happy SHORT week!


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Ariel said...

I love short weeks! And I would KILL for a massage!