Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sleepy as Hell

The wine party was a GREAT time with good friends and lots of new peeps. I brought the Black Bean Brownies which freaking rocked everyone's socks. I mean, do you think I am going to bring crap??? That shit tastes good!!!Kept the wine to 1 glass but OD'd on almonds...oops.

I got about 6 hours of sleep and thought about sleeping in and decided to get up at 6am anyway. I NEED to get good sleep tonight to ensure my 5am gym session goes off without a hitch. Today I'll suffer but sleep shall find me tonight. Sleep is sometimes better than sex...just saying.My ass got up and ran 7.5 miles and then I did about 40 min of steady cycle. Why not? I had carb overload from last night so took advantage of the extra energy.

Today is low-key....Gotta make all my weekly meals, research burlesque and come up with a routine.

Izzy called and there might be an opportunity to be in a music video...nude? Hmmmm oh my life is never dull.



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Brit-Man said...

Research Burlesque? What would there be to know? Fan girls, novelty acts, poker tables, pretty straightforward, done and dusted :-p :-p.

I'm glad things are good with you.

Take care and bets wishes.

:-) :-).