Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Rundown

Boy was I RUNDOWN this weekend.

My Saturday off at 5am, incline power walked for 90, coffee and then headed to SA for my shoot. I arrived on time and meet with Teresa aka the best MUA I know:). We then proceeded to wait...and wait...called the studio owner as he was supposed to meet us and open the doors-no answer.THEN he shows up 30 min later and says it's a complete coincidence that he is there? WHA? Seriously? I spoke and confirmed times/dates TWICE with this man. STRESS! WE got a later start on Hair/MU and then had to basically clean and ready the studio..

The wonderful Photog got there a bit later but this was good since we were running late with MU/Hair...takes about 2-2.5 hours usually. We completed that and proceeded to start the shoot. I hope we got some good stuff but won't see anything for a couple weeks...maybe/hopefully sooner--MICHAEL! (he reads my blog):) I was pretty tired after my shoot but still had to go see Dad and have dinner. We went to a Brazilian restaurant and it was so-so, great if you love red meat but lackluster if you don't. To be honest~ It was completely wasted on me but he enjoyed the experience and Dad's day was next weekend.

I called it a night pretty early, or so I thought. ALL NIGHT the sprinkler system and an animal in the attic kept me awake. Morning arrive far to soon and I was GRUMPY and SLEEPY...:(

No rest for the tired because it was time to do voice-overs for Andy. This was for that Sci-Fi short I shot in SA weeks before. I must say it looks damn good and the premiere will be next weekend. Voice-overs are tricky and not very comfy.....you can't have any A/C or fans on for clarity of sound. It's HOT and I sweated in places I'd rather not mention. You're watching a screen with you character and having to match up your spoken word to that moving lips on the screen...tricky. LOTS of takes but we got it!

That afternoon I headed back to Austin in a cranky sleepy state. On my way I decided I needed a cocktail and met Jerry, Jeff and Stacy out at Flemming's. We called it a night by 8pm but later I ended up getting pretty ill and staying in my bathroom for most of the night. Monday was a sick day and not a fun one either:( I took two days off from all workouts to speed up my recovery process.

Today is a bit better...



Ariel said...

I'm sorry you were sick! That sucks.
Worshiping the porcelain god never makes anyone happy.

BTExpress said...

:-( Not a fun way to end the weekend. Hope your better by now.

Brit-Man said...

I hope you are feeling better now, and things are okay again.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).