Monday, June 08, 2009


Weekend Recap~

Sat I just did a weight workout with abs. Met some good friend downtown for Free "Learn how to row" Day. It was great.

There is so much to consider when you are rowing an 8 man boat:

-The speed of your oar, it must be matched with the person in front and behind you.
-The depth of stroke into the water.
-The ordered being called out
-Your position number
-Your body position and rowing technique

All at once~

I tried my best but my seat wasn't fitted right so the guy in back of me kept hitting me to get his full stroke and then I ended up hitting my friend Chris to get MY stroke. Regardless it was fun.

I watched SlumDog Millionaire. My thoughts were mixed on this movie. I enjoyed it but didn't think it was amazingly fantastic. It kept my attention and the ending rocked. Throughout the movie I cried, cringed and laughed--Hello, emotional basket case.

Sunday I did 4 miles of HIIT then walked 4 more miles of hills. Ran a TON of errands and eventually collapsed on my nice cool couch. I purchased my first Young Coconut and had Battle Coconut in kitchen Stadium for about 30 minutes. The damn nut won because there was coconut EVERYWHERE...the floor, sink, fridge,me...ceiling. It was BRUTAL but that fresh juice was SO sweet and the flesh was amazing. Yum yum..

This week will be busy with workout and then I have my photo shoot in SA this weekend. I also am meeting my dad for dinner to talk and recording voice-over work for the Sci Fi movie we shot a few months back. Whew! Going to be busy busy~



Brit-Man said...

You can buy nutcrackers for that sort of thing. They look like little mallets with nobbles on, or you could buy a small hacksaw and cut into it perhaps :-p :-p.

GODO LUCK on all the work assignments. You deserve them.

:-) :-).


Laurie said...

I had the same sort of reaction about Slumdog - I just watched a couple of weeks ago - still dont' know what to think.