Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Feel Accomplished!!!!

My good days have been rare but today is flat out wonderful!

My morning started at 5am with 20 min of HIIT and some hill walking. Broke for breakfast and was out the door for gas/coffee at 6:30am. My destination?

CrossFit Central! I was volunteering to help with their Spartan 300 Workout. Basically, they had 6 rounds of people who had 20 min to do the following:

25 pull-ups

50 Deadlift

50 Push-up

50 Box Jumps or Step-ups

50 Floor Wipes

50 Clean and Press with Kettle Bell

25 more Pull-ups

It was AWESOME! I SOOOO wanted to get in there but you must complete the elements before they let you join in on the fun. *Sigh*.

SO.....I cut out early and went to the gym and BIG FAT DID IT ANYWAY:)

I did 25 Assist pull-ups

50 deadlist with 45lbs

50 toe push-ups

50 step-ups on the box

Sad attempt at floor wipes

50 clean and press/10lb kettle bell

Added in ab work and finished with 25 more pull-ups.

Then I almost barfed. It was awesome and I was/am in the best mood! My first ever CF workout was a success and now I am singing up for the elements:) Then I hit the grocery store to get supplies for my Black Bean Brownies....which smell wonderful and the batter tasted YUM!

Time to get my hair did, get more goodies for tonight's party and just keep smiling. Isn't that what life is about......being happy?

On a cool note; some other wonderful bloggers are starting OPERATION BEAUTIFUL. CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!! It means allot to me and so many others out there.


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Dani said...

I am so glad you went. You will get ripped much faster with crossfit then working out in a gym......Trust me on this one. You are already built so now watch the shred come! YEAH!!!!! I am excited to see your results from it.