Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Green and Lean

Veggies and Fruits really ARE where it's at for health. The more I read, sheesh I read EVERYTHING under the sun, the clearer it became. Raw veggies and fruits, less or no processed.....fresh fish, eggs and chicken. I usually steam my veggies until they are hot, mushy, dead and left without any nutritional value. Oops...I'm learning.

So last night I chopped up a cucumber, radishes, bell peppers and added some Tempeh, broccoli and Orange Roughy fish...Mmmmm my fav! It was yummy, filling and healthy. In addition, I cut up a young coconut and saved the juice for later. Coconut juice/water really is amazing for electrolytes and potassium.

My obsession with CrossFit continues and I purchased the Zone and Paleo diet books to read, NO this does NOT mean I'm going to follow them. They were cheap at the used bookstore and I like to read. The Paleo is by far the harder to adhere to, being as you must toss all dairy, grains, salt and sugar. This would leave me VERY unsatisfied and would make me food obsess, no thanks! The Zone is much easier to follow and years ago, I did have much success with this diet. I like that you can have your oatmeal, dairy and some wine:) Overall, it's a much less restrictive way of eating and perhaps easier to implement into a lifestyle.

Just some food for thought.....;)


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Ariel said...

Did I tell you I bought a juicer? At a yard sale for $3. And it works. But I haven't juiced anything yet....
I'm stopping at the farmers market today!
I LOVE veggies. LOVE them :)