Friday, June 05, 2009


Happy Friday Blog Friends~

I wonder if my calories are off again..humph! In this program the "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" and "Real Time Accountability"..we are doing a deficit in calories and then having refeed days. These refeed days are not "free for all" but more like larger portion of the same stuff. We DO get a couple reward meals which I generally reserve for Saturdays. Usually I get non-fat fro yo with candy topping..Mmmm nummy

Back to calories. I was messing around with and came up with about 1800 calories for today. 1800 probably seems like a ton but you have to take into consideration that I did 1 hour of lifting, 50 min of spin and will do another 1 hour power walk tonight. Those three activities probably burn around 800+ calories for a 146lb woman. It makes me think...and think again. Do I take in enough calories for my activities?

My job is sedetary and has me sitting for hours a day..blah.

I'm so confused..If I don't have enough calories then I will not lose weight and if I have too many I will gain..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I hate absolutly loath worrying about this crap. Why can't I just be normal and HAPPY? Wait..are there any normal woman who don't stress about this shit? seriously?


In other news:

I want to do a TRI! Make that..I WILL be doing a Tri.


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Ariel said...

This is just between you and me (and the blog friends, lol) one of my co-workers bragged about a year and a half ago how she could eat anything and not gain a lb... she's been 115 for years now.
Well, she turned 25 and she's worked in an office on her butt for a year and a half and now she says her pants are tight :)
I found it kinda funny- the lifestyle you led when you were 22 is not necessarily going to work for you later in life! Not that I want her to gain weight, she was just so SMUG about it when she started.

There are people who don't worry about that kind of thing- I'm not one of them, and it's not necessarily a good thing that they don't worry.
Anyway, not sure if that made any sense at all, I'm kinda tired :)