Thursday, June 11, 2009

Better Attitude through Vocabulary

Certain words trigger emotions for most people. I use words like CHEAT, DIET, FAT often and me thinks this must stop. I'm NOT instead of that word we shall use ROBUST! :)

Instead of CHEAT...we shall use TREATS. The word DIET is the worst, it even says DIE in it? Hmmmmmm maybe we should abolish that word all together and just try to eat healthy and clean with occasional treats. I'm still going to cut back and exercise my ass off but my vocabulary will change.

Then my attitude will follow...:)

Oh, my co-worker just brought me fresh SQUASH and Jalapenos from their garden. It's Christmas in JUNE. Maybe I could make a Squash/Jalap smoothie? NOT!

Got in a stellar HIIT session at 5am. 35 minutes of sprinting intervals and 20 min of abs. My lunch break will be heavy leg emphasis and more abs.

I am going to ROCK my photoshoot on Sat...



Kate Michele said...

yes you are!!!!!!

Brit-Man said...


:-) :-).