Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Folks I need a little advice. Generally I get up 2-3 days a week at 4am to do my 2 hour workouts. These are done in a fasted state because 1- I have to take my thyroid medicine 30 min prior to eating anything and 2- fasted state cardio burns more fat ..for me anyway.

The problem is I'm still catabolic woman and need to find a way to fuel in between my weights and cardio. I purchased some Cliff Blocks and slammed a couple before spin today but holy @$%@$, those things taste like absolute crap. Pure sugar..bleech! Does anyone have a something they recommend for fuel in between workouts? I'd be at the gym and have about 5 minutes to eat something. this is why I choose Cliff Blocks..fast, easy, cheap and shoved into my sports bra:)

Was a rough start today due to lack of Zzzzz's. My pillow felt like it had rocks in it :$. The silver lining was a killer workout, it's DONE AND there was a bag of fresh squash, bell peppers from my co-worker who also sells at the farmers market. You can't beat FREE fresh veggies. WORD!

Thanks in advance for any advice~


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Brit-Man said...

Not to sound anal, but Peppers are actually a Fruit. Got seeds, it's a Fruit.

Yeah, that does sound anal, yeah I know :-p.

As for what you said, have a Protein shake. Two Choices.

A: one with Carbs.

B: one without, in which case mix in either some Honey, Crushed oats or both.

You cna experiment with things like Ground Ginger, Ground Nutmeg, Cinnamon or Vanilla Essence if it tastes a bit weird.

Don't mix it with Milk, as

A: It increases Casein content.

B: Increases viscocity.

C: Increases Calories.

D: Encreases Enzymatic activity.

All of which could contribute to reduced absorption.

Can't tell you any specific ones as there's just too many branded ones out there.

Two choices with Whey, Concentrate or Isolate.

Concentrate is about 70% Whey, 30% Casein, Isolate is about 85% Whey, 15% Casein, but a bit more expensive.

If that's already known to you then fine, but be aware also, that you will potentially burn muscle from fasted Cardio, and I personally never reccomend it to anyone.

I don't like the idea of people doing something that lowers bloodsugar when it's already low, and in one case a PT tried this with healthy clients and many if not all the clients got dizzy spells.

However you must do what you think is best.

Fat is only burned during exercise anyway. You'll burn calories pretty soon after you eat, so don't get caught out by the belief exercise burns Fat for hours afterwards, as it pretty much doesn't.

As for your last comment, I would respectfully say, that where your looks are concerned, you DEFINITELY should proud of the time and effort you put into your naturally beautiful looks.

You honestly have a smile that could light up a thousand Galaxies, and again I say that with respect, because I think you're being a little hard on yourself, playing your appearance down, and you needn't be :-) :-).

Keep up the hard work, as it DOES pay off, and honestly, you really, really do look healthy, glowing, and vibrant misses, and you should be very proud of how you look.

You've worked hard for it.

Take care and best wishes.

:-) :-).