Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Screaming Legs

They are NOT pleased with me. Ever wake up to a Charlie Horse while sleeping? I really don't recommend that kind of wake up call. Wonder is my neighbors heard that?

I bailed out about 9pm last night since 4am comes rather fast. It wasn't until I was at the gym that I knew who won...but I wasn't surprised in the least. Lets hope this president can start an positive trend for America that can be continued by other presidents. It will take years to fix what it took years to break...

Anyway...Spin class was good-minus Kerry:( Next time girl! Tomorrow I have a fun Vodka promo at an open house. It seems that opportunity always knocks, we just have to turn down the music and listen:)



Hage Family said...

Hey girl...just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my other blog...I didn't even know you visited it! Thanks! :)

bookbinder said...

Only time will tell if Obama can straighten out the mess Bush and his boys have gotten us into. Let's all pray that we made the right choice.