Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I am going to freak out!!!!! The new neighbors who moved above me are so freaking loud. It's just that they STOMP instead of walk and SLAM everything instead of close...until MIDNIGHT! I already had to knock on Sunday and ask them to keep it down,course I was VERY nice and sweet. That shit expires soon.

Ear Plug City baby!!!!!!!

The thing is they are a very nice couple and mean no harm. How can I convey how loud they are without being harsh or a bitch? Advice?

Gift basket with sleeping gas?


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Hayley said...

I don't know why but the line, "That shit expires soon" cracked me up...LOL...seriously though - I know how annoying that is. We had people like that living above us in our apt when we first moved here. I always thought it sounded like they were clomping around in ski boots.