Monday, November 17, 2008

Change of Plans

Intended to go see the Bond flick with Travis but I went to one theater and he another,...oops. We ended up driving to Opal Divines for beers and relaxing is the glorious weather when....SURPRISE, the hash ended there. I think Travis was slightly taken aback but my hasher buds but he ended up having fun and ROTTEN CHERRY was there. I had not seen that wonderful friend in years!!!!!!!

I LOVE reconnecting with friends.

On that buddy Wendy and I finally got to catch up via phone call and I plan to fly to Washington State in Feb to see her..and hopefully go to Canada for a day or two.

There was some bad shit that went down this weekend as well but I am going to find the silver lining...I hope.

This morning there was a 20$ bill lying next to my car( not mine), so I picked it up and bought canned goods to donate at work. Pay it forward people!


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Ariel said...

I'm sorry about the bad shit, but it sounds like you did have some fun too :)