Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I must add!

I REALLY REALLY Dislike Palin.....

Seriously...not good for our country.



The Dani said...


Digits said...

I agree.
I was undecided, but my dislike for Palin has made me decide to vote for Obama.

Brit-Man said...

Take care and best wishes

:-) :-).


Trojan said...

The woman speaks in circles and there is a distint "mean streak" in her.

I don't think she is qualified to lead a country and if McCain were to pass away..I shutter to think.

Yep..i dislike her more than Clinton..

just my opinion though

BTExpress said...

Your last post got me to thinking. I find it interesting that so many people in this election seem to be making their choice based more on the VP candidate (Palin) than the person who is actually going to be in charge (McCain vs Obama). I hardly hear anyone talking about Biden.

It's a given that either McCain or Obama will be our next President. It's far from certain that McCain will die and Palin will be President.

I think we need to focus more of our attention on the qualifications, experience and track record of McCain and Obama, not Palin.

One more thing. If, God forbid, Obama dies in office, would you want Biden to be your President?

Trojan said...

Tony---A very true statement. One reason I'm posting about the VP's is that I simply can't choose between McCain and Obama...I'm very conflicted about this election and want to know the viewpoints of the supporting roles.

I realize the chance of either VP becoming President is slim but it IS a chance, is it not?

Good thing this is my blog and i can post anything i like:)

BTExpress said...

There is a chance the VP would have to be our President no matter who wins. Sara, because McCain is old and Biden, because there are some very scary groups in this country that wouldn't want to see a non-white person in charge, i.e., KKK, Neo-Natzi's, etc.

And yes, you may post anything you want. I can still throw in my 2 cents though, can't I?

Trojan said...

Yes Tony..I'm just defensive today.

Digits said...

Out of all the Republican women he had to choose HER as his running mate?
There were better choices.
I don't care for Biden much but he's got way more foreign policy exp than she does.
And she if she could, Palin would take away my right to an abortion if I were raped and wanted one. I say keep her as far away as possible from that kind of power...
Of course, I think the government needs to stay the fuck away from religion and the bedroom. And my body.

Trojan said...

Ariel..I am pro choice as well...always have been.