Saturday, January 26, 2008

Double or Nothing

Missed yesterdays WO so you know what that means? Today I doubled up. Smart eh? Ask me that question tomorrow during the 3M.

Yesterday threw lots of work related crap my way and I ended up having to stay 2 hours late. Then there was grocery shopping and blah blah blood sugar was low and there was NOT going to be a night WO. The sleep was the most restful in days and VERY needed.

I got up about 7am and hit the gym for cardio intervals and upper body weights, 2 hours later and I'm damn tired and HUNGRY.

Good news is the weather is beautiful and pretty clear. It's SATURDAY, so my plan is to the Grapevine Market and see what wines they have for tasting today. Might get my hair done and then have a nice massage....since I didn't get one last week.

I wish my new car would arrive.I went ahead and selected the 09 Toyota Corolla because it's safe, reliable,affordable and drives with a decent amount of pep for a 4 cylinder. I don't care about color or other's a gift from my Grandma. She would just want something that will last for years to come.

OK...time to start crock pot chick, finish asparagus, shower and hit the road.



Digits said...

New cars are nice... :) My grandma paid for my wisdom teeth to come out last year before she passed away. Not as cool as a car but VERY much appreciated.
Wish me luck, I'm heading out for grocery shopping in just a few minutes...

Trojan said...

My Grandma went through the depression and had been through I wanted to research my ass off and get something she might approve of. Still...she got upset when I tipped people over 5%..

April said...

You'll love the toyota!!