Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Tony gave me a challenge of 120 min of cardio today...I aim to complete any challenge thrown my way. I did a 60 min fast paced power walk and then a brutal boot camp..Ugggg. My heart rate has not been THAT high since hill hurt...hurt bad. Called my friend Denise afterward and probably sounds like my ass was dragging...

Whose stupid idea was it to do that class with heavy free weights? Oh FOOL!

It's a very rainy gloomy day here in Austin. Most cities have cancelled their Firework Events and beyond drinking at a bar...there isn't much else to do. I won't be drinking until my cheat night Sat. My buddy Amanda is having a B-Day dinner and it will be YUM-O, not to mention a blast with this group of gals. Friday my other bud Kim is having a fundraising happy hour at her casa...Trying to think up something PINK to bake:)

Well I guess I'll just watch Paula Dean until I gain motivation to move...

Happy 4th!



Laurie said...

Great job on your challenge!!!!

Jes said...

OMG!! I'm in!! My computer automatically translates the invite to Korean, so I've been randomly typing and clicking, trying to get to your site! Time for some catch up!! I've missed you!!!!

Trojan said...

JES!!!!!I can't believe you weren't aded before...I am so sorry.missed you too.

Buzz said...

Paula Dean?

The butter lady?

Hell girl you might as well be watching porn! lol.