Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kick Ass

That was my workout this morning.....new gym, new spin instructor, clean bathrooms and a killer shoulder WO with some solid push-ups. My year end goal is to do 50 push-ups in a row...not just sets of 20, some solid pull ups would be awesome too. Was able to hit my 9.0 on the treadmill again....nothing like blasting your HR before spin class.

My new Polar F6 HRM ROCK. the chest strap is not big deal and it's important to me to have an accurate reading. Burned about 900 calories this morning and I'm pretty happy with that. Fasted cardio is not always easy though, in fact the guys I spin next to are always talking about food. BASTARDS:).

Going to pick out a recipe tonight and bake....I think it will be oddly calming. Wait...holy shit...does this mean I'm turning into a domestic goddess ala Nigella Lawson? No!It IS the beginning of something though....I can feel it. You have to admit..Nigella Lawson s hot...good grief. Let's see...how about cottage cheese cheesecake...saw a recipe that looked interesting. The weather is like 93 so chili is out....but I'm craving it.

Well......I've bored everyone enough for a Tuesday!



Katie said...

As I wrote on April's blog, we need to have a POLAR F6 CLUB. I love mine too. Although I have yet to hit 900 calories .... you are an animal!!!

amyella said...

I love Nigella :)

Kim said...

Cottage cheese makes me think about these wonderful cottage cheese pancakes I used to make...yummy, yummy, yum. I also have a variation that I make with ricotta cheese as well. Oh my gosh, now I want breakfast!

Reese Mortensen said...

Heeeeeyyyy, you are talking about food yoruseeeeeelf!!!! DONT mention cottage cheese cake pleaseeeee :-( Or i will just come and eat it all!

900 calories? Yeah....pure animal LOL. You rock!!!!

I dont have a polar F6....just a basic polar. :-P

(But april told me i could be in the club lol).

Take care,


Laurie said...

New gym? Did like the doors at toe-nail height at the old one? Still can't get that post out of my mind.