Monday, June 04, 2007

Knocked Up

NO! Not me...silly

The movie. Went to check it out yesterday with Jeff. It was such a howler, well for many many parts. If you liked Anchorman and 40 Year Old virgin...this movie is for you. There are certainly some heavy parts but overall....Funny as shit! I'll need to watch it again to catch allot of missed jokes.

My favorite part of the movie day was this

Me:"Hey Jeff, I really need to use up this Cinamark Gift card i got. Do you know of any Cinemark theatres in the area?"

this is after i paid for the tix

Jeff: "Um....I think this is a Cinamark Theatre...(points to a huge Cinemark sign right next to me)

Me: "Shit!!!!!"

I am a moron.

1 comment:

Buzz said...

Man I effing LOVED that movie. Hilarious.

I'm back from MI, btw, hope things are good!