Friday, March 30, 2007

It's Friday!!!!!

Well Good Morning!!!

I MOVE IN ONE MONTH...SO EXCITED. I hate packing and unpacking BUT hopefully this place will rock. Fingers and labia crossed twice...ouch!

I have my first consultation with Tony (trainer) tonight and am excited..I need something new. Been doing the same thing for 7 months now and while it does work..I am bored. Change is good and I want to be more positive for the coming months. Summer is almost here and I want to be at the lake!!!

So we have a ton of shitty weather to look forward to this weekend..rain, rain and rain. I DO love a good thunderstorm though and we should have a couple of those. This is the weekend at a glance so far...

Today: 5am Spin, tonight maybe a training walk, sell treadmill and secure some moving boxes.
Sat..Step or whatever Tony says to do...Training walk,shopping, movie?
Sun..Sprints,5 mile hill training walk..packing packing and work on other endeavors.

I did talk with my Dad last night. He is upset that I've made my blog private...really mad actually. He feels he has a right to know what is going on with me all the time..BUT I refuse to make it public again for a long while. Sorry guys...I know it kinda sucks but I feel I must do this for now.

Overall our conversation wasn't horrible and he told me my car tags were in, asked if I was coming by to pick them up. I'm glad i have now changed my address...less shit to worry about.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend....drink some for me. I won't be having a drink for 3 months...blah.



Denise said...

I start my training on Monday. I am going away this weekend with 2 families that are not the healthiest eaters. I definitely know that noone would want to work out with me. So Monday it is. I have the entire day off. So I am going to work out andplan for my work outs and food for the next few weeks. Wish me luck.

Trojan said... can totally kick ass..I know it.

Plus as added fun..I will kidnap you one day and make you do some plyo's with me:)


Buzz said...

No worries about the blog being private as long as I'm still invited here!

The link you posted yesterday, that lady was far beyond stuck all over herself. While reading it you could totally see the dedication slipping into obscession.

Hope you don't end up that way, although I know the risk is there especially if you want to compete.


@ss Gagger said...

How do you get up so early and do a spin class? I had to get up at 5:45am today to be at work for an early meeting, didn't work out, and I'm already needing a nap!

Trojan said...'s the good drugs man....


Buzz...NO..I will not being doing a figure comp. Just want a 6 pack man...more definition wouldn't hurt.


Scaramouche Jones said...

You're doing the right thing keeping it private. He shouldn't be reading it in the first place, so good for you!

Pittchick said...

It's one thing if you don't mind your dad reading it, but he certainly doesn't have a right to do so. Why would he even think that?