Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Stormy Day

I love it when the sky turns a deep magenta into a midnight blue. The colors indicate a storm is brewing and rain is coming. The smell of rain has always been one of my favorites, crisp and clean...It seems to wash away the stagnant heat and make everything blossom.

I remember when I had roommates during storms. We would get out candles and bottles of wine and just talk/laugh...Come together. I miss those times as they seem so far away. Living by myself has wonderful benefits too...BELIEVE ME, but I do miss having roomies every so often.

My office window shows our current sky to be black as night and I love it. Bring on the rain...We certainly need it. The temp has dropped and it feels wonderful outside. It's the kind of weather that makes you question having a job today...I personally would rather be running in the rain. Sigh....Not today. Today I just watch from a distance.

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Kate Michele said...

I love to play in the rain!! It's the best stress releiver....