Saturday, July 29, 2006

Contemplating adoption

No not THAT...Good grief.

Thinking about getting a rescue kitten or a snake. Something I can nurture...jeez, I am getting old. Anyway...Cats are a ton of responsibility but it's certainly rewarding unless wandering to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you step on a hairball...yuck. Sometimes they get pissed at you and leave you "presents" in your bed or on the floor...Hmmmm, I could do without that.

What about snakey the snake...Quiet and calm. Course they do have a rather foul odor and loose crickets in the house is not coveted. Don't get me started on mice...blah

OK...I'm off the to Toy Store...I'll just get a stuffed animals for my bed...Easy breezy.

I'm SO not ready for kids.



mini driver wannabe said...

pets can e needy, bothersome and a lot of responsibility.

I couldn't do without mine though

I used to have a snake named legs--it was a corn snake--very pretty! not very cuddly though.

mike said...

Get a kitty and a snake. They can be playmates >:-}

bronxbt said...

I'd suggest a cat over a snake. obviously yer preference for fuzz or scales is a weighing factor, but cats do tend to have a slightly better personality than MOST snakes.

Plus, a rescued one (good on you!) is totally cooh 'cuz you can get an adult that likely doesn't have all the painful habits and nasty traits that kittens grow up INTO and develop.

a rescued one will jes be so happy to have a lap to cuddle on, a noggin' to sleep curled up around at night, and a nice meal once in awhile I'm more than sure it'd make you happy.

don't we all jes want that?

(oh, plus, cats love to paint, and if yer back into that..well... )


Ian said...

Get the snake. I can so see you with a snake :)

Kate Michele said...

Cats are alot less of a responsibilty than dogs... And feeding the snake can be pretty gross.... I'd get the cat!

Jes said...

You could get both.

Just make sure the snake doesn't eat the kitten.